[DOWNLOAD] ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION – Feedback File 2 [iTunes] [2014.02.26]


Download @ Mediafire [Click Song Title For Downlaod]
Tracklist :
01 Rolling Stone.m4a 8.7MB
02 Slow Down.m4a 10.8MB
03 Evening Glow of Duodecimal.m4a 9.5MB
04 Summer Cicada.m4a 6.8MB
05 Call of the Night.m4a 7.9MB
06 Let’s Paint it White.m4a 7.4MB
07 Mustang (mix for Meiko).m4a 10.4MB
08 Hope After the Rain.m4a 7.8MB
09 Light.m4a 11.9MB
10 Old School.m4a 6.1MB
11 Reload Reload.m4a 3.7MB
12 Beyond the Night.m4a 9.1MB
13 Senseless Refrigerator Jokes.m4a 4.8MB
14 The Beast of the Beast.m4a 7.9MB
15 Live Now.m4a 9.5MB
16 A Lost Dog and Beats of the Rain (2010 @ Wakasu Park).m4a 9.7MB
17 In the Spring when the Anemone Blooms (2012 @ Tokyo International Forum).m4a 12.2MB

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